The ugly truth behind the wealth of the world

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The ugly truth behind the wealth of the world

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily quoted local sources in Northeastern Aleppo as disclosing that the French and US forces and the Washington-backed militias have excavated a number of historical sites in Manbij, adding that they have sped up their excavation operation after unearthing gold and artifacts.

The ugly truth behind the wealth of the world

The daily further said that the US and French forces have found a large volume of gold in Tal Um al-Saraj and Tal al-Sayad in Manbij, adding that they have also discovered an ancient tablet in another excavation operation in an industrial zone in Manbij.

The paper went on to say that the foreign occupiers along with the local militias have stared excavation operation to unearth the precious metal that is made of lead. Al-Watan added that Manbij has also been turned into a hub for smuggling historical artifacts looted by the occupiers and militants from Palmyra TadmurHasaka and Raqqa to Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon and later to other world states.

The sources further said that people in Tal Hamis took to the streets and opposed the SDF move that caused the SDF to keep gunmen on alert and arrested a number of protestors.

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The SDF later arrested manager of Tal Hamis power company, accusing him of encouraging people to demonstrate.Data Sheet Reflection Essay This World Population Data Sheet was really eye-opening and shocking to us because it plainly laid out the dramatic differences between so-called first-world, second-world, and third-world countries, in terms of different data points, like the crude birth rate (C.

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