Prussia vs austria

In the Mist of Time The territory of today's Slovakia has been a cross-roads of nations, often conquered by new people who then mixed with the older settlers. Pre-indoeuropean people about whom we know little lived there.

Prussia vs austria

Also, Korean clubs were successful in Japan just before the second World War. Apart from shortlived war-time occupations, this section also Prussia vs austria various cases of annexations lasting for decades and a few colonial curiosities.

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Note that the extension of the Soviet Union by the three Baltic republics as part of the Hitler-Stalin pact is discussed under the disintegration of the Soviet Unionand the special case of Karelia under border moves.

Only once did the Austrian representatives fail to reach the semifinals of the German championship, and even then the Austrian team lost to the eventual winners by the odd goal in five in the quarterfinals. Rapid won both the German championship and cup once, Prussia vs austria won one cup and reached the championship final, which Admira also managed once suffering a record final defeat in the process.

Therefore, this is really a case of roving clubs and discussed in more detail there. In addition, some Czech, Slovak and Slovenian clubs played in Austrian regional leagues during the war; see the relevant notes in the sections on Czech clubs in the German football structureSlovak clubs in the German football structure and Slovenian clubs in the German football structure.

Championship Deutsche Meisterschaft Admira Wien vs Schalke 04 Rapid Wien vs Schalke 04 Vienna vs Schalke 04 Vienna vs 1. Rapid Wien vs 1. Rapid Wien vs Dresdner SC quarterf.: Wacker Wien vs Wiener Sport-Club Admira Wien vs Dresdner SC quarterf.: Rapid Wien vs Admira Wien Championship No data available.

Cup No data available. Czech clubs in the German football structure The Sudetenland was incorporated in the German Reich on Sep 29, Most of the clubs listed below played in a separate regional league for the Sudetenland, but some clubs based in the current Czech Republic entered regional leagues of current Austria during World War II: Warnsdorfer FK 4 0 0 4 0 NSTG Graslitz 4 0 1 3 1 All clubs involved played before in the French league structure, though of course under different names, e.

FV Metz vs 1. All clubs involved played before in the Luxembourg league structure, though of course under different names, e. FK Niederkorn vs Spfr.

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Katernberg Polish clubs in the German football structure This section only refers to the areas of current Poland which were not part of the German Reich prior to World War II; a great part of current Poland, in particularly on the northern coast Pommern and the southwestern mining area Schlesien was part of Germany long before World War II and Poland stretched far further east - see the section on Moving Countries.

The relevant areas were incorporated as Warthegau with as main cities Posen which had belonged to Germany before the first World War but had fallen to Poland afterwards and Litzmannstadt and Generalgouvernement with as main cities Warschau, Krakau, Lemberg currently Lviv in the UkraineRadom and Lublin.

Prussia vs austria

Trifail most probably the same as NK Rudar Trbovlje, founded finished equal on points with winners BSG Rosental, who progressed to the Styrian final against northern group winners Reichsbahn SG Graz thanks to a better goal average.

Independently of that, a West Ukrainian championship was apparently played on 3 occasions, with as champions Ukraina Lviv inSkala Stryj in and Vatra Drohobych in Afterwards, various clubs from areas now in Romania or Serbia entered; these areas had large Hungarian minorities and most of the clubs involved presumably had a sizable quantity of ethnically Hungarian players.

Most successful were the clubs from Transylvania: Below all 'foreign' clubs to play in the first Hungarian league division are listed. No further records of their participation or that of any other club from towns in current Croatia in the Hungarian league structure during the second World War are available.

During the last two seasons before World War II, they were at the second level. However, the club itself no more exists. They lost their second level status following the reduction of the division from six to two regional groups, and played at regional level until World War II.Display all teams in Live Football Video.

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