Life lesson on antigone

It was against the law for Antigone to bury Polneices but it was her brother and the right thing to do.

Life lesson on antigone

Even though Antigone was set a very long time ago, Sophocles' lessons are very valuable in today's society. For example, Antigone's choice of following her heart is a lesson that everyone should learn from.

Sometimes, what's right is more important than the law. It was against the law for Antigone to bury Polneices but it was her brother and the right thing to do. She says, "From mine own; He has no right to stay me. Another example, as Ivy said, i when Creon was a tyrant. Along with being an absolute ruler, he made unfair laws.

With this lesson on how not to govern a country, we've come up with our democratic government. Although Antigone took place a long time ago, in ancient Greese the lessons antigone learned are truthful and valuable today in our society. Though they may vary from today, a lot of the lessons Antigone learned from her own and the actions of other people I can relate to my own life or the life of others.

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For example, we can all learn from and relate to Antigone's consequence of choosing her own free will over her destiny and breaking the law.

Today you wouldn't be publicly stoned to death for giving your brother a proper burial but some people such as Martin Luther King Jr. Antigone's ability to be free-willed and not care about what the rest of Thebes thinks of her can inspire us all to act more like her.

Antigone wasn't the only person that learned valuable lessons that we still use today. King Creon brutally starved and isolated Antigone to the point where she commited suiside.

When his beloved son and wife went against him and also took their own lives because of the loss of Antigone, Creon realized maybe his doing wasn't the right way to handle the sitution.

English 11 Period 1: Antigone

Today, we often realize that our doings may affect others or come back and bite you. Also, today the death penalty is still in affect but it seems the number of lives taken by capitol punishment is dwindling down due to the reaction of the public. I belive that the characters in this book learn lessons that we all can relate to if we take the time to understand them.

I have certainly learned many lessons from this story. And there were many told, however there was one that really stuck out.

Life lesson on antigone

That fact that you should face reality, face your fears, face all things that hold you back. These messages are both truthful and valuable. With these lessons, I now can stand up and be independent, just like Antigone. And yours I will!

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If you will not, I will; I shall not prove disloyal.Antigone Vocabulary Lesson Plan Antigone is the last play in a famous Greek trilogy, written by Sophocles. The Oedipus trilogy told the story of Oedipus, a tragic Greek hero, who defeated the sphinx and saved Thebes, but unknowingly killed his father and married his mother.

Oct 14,  · The lessons in "Antigone" are about going by your moral right, and greedyness because Antigone taught us the moral rights lesson because she showed the reader how if you go by what you truely believe in in life.

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I don't like the word moral in this context.

Life lesson on antigone

This isn't so much a lesson in what one should or should not do. The theme is inspiring though. Creon has ordered Polynices to rot in an unsanctified hole somewhere while Eteocles gets a pretty snazzy burial.

Antigone refuses to let Polynices to rot. Life Lesson On Antigone. Antigone Essay In society, being self-centered about ideas frequently affects peoples’ judgement.

Sophocles raises this issue in his play believes that listening to the wise benefits your judgement, but the result of refusing to listen leads to tragic outcomes.

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