Influence of diversity on psychology s major concepts

Diverse nature of Psychology - Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology's major concepts - What are two examples of subdisciplines and two examples of subtopics within psychology. Examples of major concepts and their subtopics include the following:

Influence of diversity on psychology s major concepts

Review the evidence that suggests humans have a fundamental need to belong to groups.

Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts.

Compare the sociometer model of self-esteem to a more traditional view of self-esteem. Use theories of social facilitation to predict when a group will perform tasks slowly or quickly e.

Describe how groups change over time. Apply the theory of groupthink to a well-known decision-making group, such as the group of advisors responsible for planning the Bay of Pigs operation.

List and discuss the factors that facilitate and impede group performance and decision making. Develop a list of recommendations that, if followed, would minimize the possibility of groupthink developing in a group.

The Psychology of Groups How many groups are you a part of on a daily basis?

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CC0 Public Domain, https: The lone individual who is cut off from all groups is a rarity. Most of us live out our lives in groups, and these groups have a profound impact on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Many psychologists focus their attention on single individuals, but social psychologists expand their analysis to include groups, organizations, communities, and even cultures. This module examines the psychology of groups and group membership.

It begins with a basic question: What is the psychological significance of groups? People are, undeniably, more often in groups rather than alone.

What accounts for this marked gregariousness and what does it say about our psychological makeup? The module then reviews some of the key findings from studies of groups. Researchers have asked many questions about people and groups: Do people work as hard as they can when they are in groups?

Are groups more cautious than individuals? Do groups make wiser decisions than single individuals? In many cases the answers are not what common sense and folk wisdom might suggest.

Influence of diversity on psychology s major concepts

The Psychological Significance of Groups Many people loudly proclaim their autonomy and independence. I will not hide my tastes or aversions. Even though people are capable of living separate and apart from others, they join with others because groups meet their psychological and social needs.

The Need to Belong The need to belong is a strong psychological motivation. As Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary conclude, humans have a need to belong: And most of us satisfy this need by joining groups.Jul 24,  · Psychology’s diversity is also evident by evaluating the influence on its major concepts.

Within the field of psychology are several sub-disciplines and subtopics of such sub-disciplines that are of interest. Such sub-disciplines and subtopics can apply to particular areas outside of psychology. Sep 27,  · The Influence of Diversity on Major Concepts in Psychology Diversity has a very strong influence on the major concepts in psychology, such as the psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral and evolutionary because each concept offers a different explanation on human behavior. The Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence (): Philip G. Zimbardo, Michael R. Leippe: Books. Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts. The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper PSY/ minimum 1,word paper in which you analyze the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline.

•1 Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts. By diversity, I mean how psychology as a field has many subdisciplines with “diverse” areas of inquiry, such as biopsychology and organizational psychology.


Each of these concepts can impact an individual’s behavior and influence the diversity of psychology. Influence of Diversity Diversity in psychology comes from a variety of influencing factors.

Such factors of this nature are culture, race, religion, gender, age, and environment (Shiraev & Levy, ).

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