Hps legacy in todays competition driven

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Hps legacy in todays competition driven

Tue, 1 Nov AU Ken Yap To: Currently, I'm working on a small project where I'd like to have 2 connection oriented gateways handle multiple remote connections. I would like to have the gateways perform automatic load balancing.

Physically, I'd like to issue the terminal connect to one virtual address and have only one of the gateways respond to the SYN. Is it possible to have each gateway configured as a router with identical loopback addresses?

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This way through routing protocols, the load balancing could be achieved. I realize this is odd since these gateways are connection oriented unlike typical routere.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Kevin -- [] [next] [prev] [last] [first] Date: Problems with PPP 2.

Hps legacy in todays competition driven

I'm having two problems. First, setting the speed to makes the systems unable to talk to each other. It seems like one or the other is running at the wrong baud rate, but I haven't been able to prove it yet.

The second and much bigger problem is that at any other speed, the PPP link comes up and works for a while and then one end or the other panics with a "tlbmiss on invalid kernel page". Others here are running the same kernel on the same hardware, talking to MacPPP at baud with no problems.

I've tried various packet sizes and turned VJ compression on and off, but no luck so far. Look forward to it What about using a packet-driver interface for the device dependent part? The docs look pretty simple, and there are lots of packet drivers out there, so it seems like a decent "standard.

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Hope this helps, JJ [] [next] [prev] [last] [first] Date: Recovering from client crashes I am interested in finding out how common servers which use TCP as the underlying transport protocol, such as FTP and Telnet, recover if the remote client terminates before closing the connection. However, my server needs to be able to recover resources allocated to a connection such as sockets, memory buffers which I allocate, etc.Hence, competition has shifted from single companies to supply chains.

Obviously, to convince an individual company to become a part of a supply chain requires a win-win situation for each participant in the long run, while this may not be the case for all entities in the short run. The concept of event-driven process chains is also very.

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