How the piano taught me how to live

Each topic is a clickable link. The conversation will touch on all styles of music—-pop, jazz, classical, etc. Without sheet music, after all, how does a beginner know what notes to play?

How the piano taught me how to live

How the piano taught me how to live

I have recently graduated from university and finished my degree in accounting. I am planning to pursue music in the future. Where are you from? I am from Hong Kong and I live in Toronto. What do you like? I like playing songs from K-pop, K-drama and Anime, as well as instrumental sound tracks from video games.

Asides from piano, I also like drawing and designing.

How the piano taught me how to live

XD How long have you been playing the piano? How much time do you spend on practising piano? My practising time ranges from 0 to 7 hours everyday. Who do you admire as a youtube pianist?

Animenz, marasy8, Theister and kylelandry. These are the people who also love to share music around the world. They are my favourite pianists on Youtube.

From Piano Lessons to Life Lessons: 18 Things Playing the Piano Taught me About Life

What is the opening song in most of your videos? XD I might compose the rest later. How long have you been arranging songs? I first started arranging songs from K-pop, K-drama and Anime 3 years ago.

Having said that, I spent a considerable amount of time the past year and actually improved a lot during I learnt a lot of new arrangement ideas from other YouTube pianists.

Do you have perfect pitch? I am completely self-taught in terms of arranging.

Feel like you're stuck in a rut with your piano playing?

I learnt mostly from other Youtube pianists, Youtube tutorials in order to understand basic music theory and gain new insights, as well as experimenting different patterns, techniques and chord progressions on my own. How can I support you? My Gears and Software Your digital piano is so beautiful, what model is it?

What camera do you use? I am using canon T5i to capture the video.

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How do you record your audio? It also serves as a reference for you to improvise or develop your own version of music. It is available for my Patrons to download for reference and learning. Hard version is basically the version I played in the video, not every cover will have a hard version.

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