Google apps script write array to spreadsheet template

Scriptlets Apps Script templates can contain three special tags, called scriptlets. Inside a scriptlet, you can write any code that would work in a normal Apps Script file: You can even define functions and variables within scriptlets, with the caveat that they can't be called by functions defined in code files or other templates.

Google apps script write array to spreadsheet template

About Functions on a Google Documents Table Today I had to make an expense report and decided to use a Google document instead of a spreadsheet so I could embed images of all receipts as I went.

Script for generating Google documents from Google spreadsheet data source

I knew Google documents had tables and figured that they had simple functions like SUM. However, I did manage to make a script with a button! First, I needed to make a function, so the code could be called. After getting this specific document I could then retrieve the body portion. Next, I needed to actually find the table object in my document, and the examples were not helpful, but I did find a BODY object method called getTables.

If you have ever used a Google Form where the data goes into a spreadsheet you may have noticed the tab where the Form data goes acts a little funny. For the most part I like to leave the “Form Responses” tab alone and use other tabs to write my formulas and organize the responses. Automating Google Spreadsheets – Email Reminders because if you do it will update to the current date every time you open the spreadsheet or the script runs, which would be a bad thing! Part 2: Scripting. Google Drive uses a Javascript-like scripting language, so if you can write Javascript or jQuery style scripts, you’ll be fine. Because I am using Apps Script to authorise the Analytics API stuff (this all works fine), I am also using it to insert the JSON data into my sheet. ImportJSON returns a two-dimensional array containing the data, with the first row containing headers.

Instead of bothering to search through all objects and comparing it to type TABLE like in the example, I was able to retrieve a nice array of all tables. I knew that the table I wanted to work with would be the first and only table, so I selected the first 0-indexed table in the array.

Then, I used the the table function getNumRows to retrieve the number of rows in the table, so I could iterate over them. To do that, I used a for loop from row 0 to numRows From inside that for loop, I first selected the cell from the row the loop was on and the column of values using TABLE.

Next, I got the text from that cell using getText and then sliced the string of text after the first character to remove the dollar sign. This was done by first selecting the correct cell in the last row and then using the CELL.

Google AppScript: Send Multiple Emails by reading data from Spreadsheet | Mukesh Chapagain Blog

The only problem was that this required me to have the document open along with the script editor open in another tab. I went back to the tutorial and found that the documents menu could be modified, and triggers that executed upon a document opening existed as well.

I then combined these to add Sum Table to the addon menu. This meant that my script was complete and I could run it whenever I wanted from the menu. The actual table and specific column are hardcoded in, so it is nowhere near production, but it works for what I wanted.

In the future, I hope to turn the script into a sidebar to allow for table and column specification. Then I might actually release it for someone else to use.Learning html templating with Google Apps Script. Nice database client or CMS - allows you to read or write data manually: Google Script: Server-side code (model/contoller) - reads and writes to your spreadsheet: Google HTML file: An HTML template rendered on the server (view).

For examples on how to create a button and a script to handle a button click, see the Google Apps Script tutorial. You may also find useful examples by choosing Tools > Script gallery.

You may also find useful examples by choosing Tools > Script gallery. This article shows how to read list of email addresses, subject and message body from Google Spreadsheet and send separate emails to all of them with Google AppScript.

First, let’s see a simple example of sending single message to a particular email address. Once it has the template URL, it uses Google Apps’s HTML service to fetch the template contents. It sets up a bunch of variables representing the data parsed from the Google Spreadsheet.

It passes those variables to each template using Google Apps’s HTML Service. Google Apps Education Edition for Communication and Collaboration This course will be treated as a reading course where students do a lot of independent work.

For communication and collaboration between the students and the instructor the course will use Google Apps. Now that you have a spreadsheet full of data, and you have associated Google Apps Script with your Google Drive, it is time to create a template for the marketing plans in Google Docs.

google apps script write array to spreadsheet template

Ehhez, simply create a Google Doc that has all of the repeated copy for the marketing proposal.

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