Concrete repair

Vector is not limited to a single concrete repair method; our experience and expertise combine specialized and conventional concrete repair methods to provide the most practical solutions for all concrete repair projects. From small concrete repair projects to multi-faceted multi-million dollar full scale restoration projects in Canada and the U. Assisting owners and engineers in problem identification. Development of concrete repair options and feasibility studies.

Concrete repair

Concrete Repair Materials Deteriorated joints can be filled with a repair material. Roadware For some concrete repairs, the best repair material is simply high quality concrete.

Concrete repair

But manufacturers have developed some excellent repair materials that include various polymers leading to higher bond strength and durability. Most repair materials today are polymer-modified concrete, meaning that the basic material is a portland cement and aggregate mixture with a polymer typically latex added.

A couple of important factors in selecting a repair material are: Most repair materials are polymer based. Concrete repair Resins Prior to deciding what repair material to use, make sure you know what the intent is: Are you trying to bond a crack together or just cover it up?

Does the mortar need to stick to overhead or vertical surfaces? Or can it be very flowable to pour into forms or cracks? How quickly do you want the repair to achieve full strength?

Do you want to use a one-part material or are you willing to use a two-component material that may be more difficult to work with but have superior properties?

One of the most important characteristics of a good repair material is very low shrinkage. The concrete matrix has already gone through its shrinkage, so if the repair material shrinks, it will debond and the repair will fail. How important is bond strength?

A big part of getting good bond is surface preparation. Consider the dimensional characteristics of the repair material: Drying shrinkage can debond a repair. If the repaired area will be under load, the elastic modulus should be similar.

Thermal coefficients the rate at which the material expands or contracts with temperature should also usually be similar. Does the repair material need to be freeze-thaw resistant?

Does the repair material need to allow water vapor transmission?

Water vapor pressure from within the matrix of the concrete can create very high pressures-easily strong enough to debond many repair materials. How important is compressive strength or flexural strength?

How about abrasion resistance? Often, selecting the right material will mean compromising between several of these factors and, of course, cost. There are lots of good repair materials available-from W. Meadows or Rhino Carbon Fiberand many other companies.

Figure out what characteristics you need in a repair material then talk with the manufacturer to get the best product for your application.Restore a pitted concrete garage floor with an easy-to-apply resurfacing product. It'll make the floor look fresh and new again at a modest price.

If your slab is suffering from low self-esteem because of pits, craters or cracks, you can cover up those scars. Concrete “resurfacer” is a cement. Cementitious Repair Mortars High build repair mortar for use on concrete structures effected by spalling due to corroding reinforcement.

DRIVEWAYS, SIDEWALKS, PARKINGS CONCRETE SOLUTIONS. Concrete repair products developed by Roklin Systems are the most highly regarded concrete maintenance products, which is why they’re widely used by concrete and construction giants like Caltrans, the California state agency who manages highway, bridge, and rail transportation planning, construction, and maintenance.

AquaBond® concrete repair products for pools and spas allow you to easily repair a major structural crack in a concrete swimming pool wall, fix leaking concrete pool cracks, take care of hairline cracks on a concrete pool deck, or even anchor threaded rod, bolts and rebar dowels into concrete.

Acme Concrete raises and levels all types of sunken, settled concrete using polyurethane which is superior to replacement & old mud jacking type methods. Concrete Repair Services. When you need a Concrete Repair specialist, you can depend on Wise Concrete Repair for high quality concrete repair services and prices you can afford.

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