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Instructions Making the stem: Purchase stucco corner sturdy wire from your local hardware store.

Buy crepe paper online australia

After all the pretty Easter treats I shared with you last week, I'm now giving you a lumpy brown cake.

Buy crepe paper online australia

But this is no ordinary chocolate cake. Does it look familiar to you? It is my homage to my favourite Arnott's biscuit, the ever-awesome Tim Tam.

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If you've never had a Tim Tam from Australia, you're missing out. If you don't like Tim Tams, I'm sorry but we can't be friends. These biscuits are one of the few chocolate treats that I am powerless to resist, I can eat an entire packet of Tim Tams in one sitting.

Which is why I hardly ever buy them anymore. I ate half a packet while I was making this cake!

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So as I was saying, this is no ordinary chocolate cake. It is a Tim Tam cake. The idea was simple enough, chocolate cake with a butter icing filling and chocolate ganache drizzled on top, but I was super worried the cake would just be far too rich and heavy. So I decided to use a very light and fluffy chocolate sponge recipe for the cake, which made it more like the light chocolate biscuits you find in a Tim Tam.

It worked perfectly, and made the cake soooo much lighter and less rich than my usual chocolate cake recipe. The thin layer of gooey chocolate ganache, and the slightly denser chocolate icing in the middle give this cake a whole range of different textures. It really surprised me how much easier this cake was to eat just because of the lighter sponge.

Now I realise my outer layer of chocolate is a bit darker than an original Tim Tam, so it looks more like a dark Tim Tam. I couldn't help it, I didn't buy enough milk chocolate! But the ganache worked great, as it started to thicken up I spread it all over the top of the cake and used a spatula to create the little ripples in the surface that you always see on a Tim Tam.

Definitely not going to win any awards for being pretty or delicate, but it will make any Tim Tam lover or chocolate lover extremely happy. I didn't realise the biscuits in Tim Tam are actually malted, or I would have added some Milo or malted milk powder to the cake mixture too!

Feel free to do it. Anywhoo I'm so excited to be having this super long weekend off to do absolutely nothing as I am completely sleep deprived, I hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter and Anzac Day.

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Jennifer Tran is a flowersmith, photographer, educator, and the founder of Papetal. Jennifer's work has been featured in the National Sculpture Magazine of China, Maker's Magazine (Canada) and blog The Design Files (Australia).


In early , she was recommended by blog Design*Sponge as one of the top paper flower artists to follow. You may remember the wedding of our lovely D*S contributor Brittany Watson huge paper blooms made such a splash that she started selling them in her shop, and just recently Brittany wrote a great article for Brooklyn Bride about the paper flower trend.

I’m thrilled that this is a growing phenomenon; I adore anything made in exaggerated scale, so I feel that the more giant flowers.