Bruker nano surfaces business plan

Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organised by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society.

Bruker nano surfaces business plan

When applied, the nano coating transforms the surfaces interfacial characteristics to be able to repel water. The coating is thinner than any of the competitors, and does not change the appearance or chemical makeup of the surface.

The goal of our technology is to apply it to the glass surface of solar panels. The hydrophobic characteristics will allow water to glide off, allowing the solar panels to be self cleaning, resulting in more efficiency.

Mission Our mission is to stabilize the efficiency of solar panels ability to produce solar energy. The value we add to this industry is providing a premium solar panels that can, over time, decrease the cost and labor associated with maintaining solar panels.

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Technology and Systems Our technology is a self-assembling nano film coating that can bind to the surface of any inorganic surface and creates interfacial hydrophobic characteristics. This coating is only nm thick, which is smaller than a strand of dna. The unique self-assembling molecule technology of this coating makes our product extremely strong and long lasting.

It also assumes self leveling characteristics, allowing for a balanced and even application. Simply put, the coating is an invisible water repellent film for long term solutions. This coating will be applied at the manufacturing level for maximum efficiency and durability.

Business strategy We decided to focus on improving the renewable energy industry, more specifically solar panels.

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As the world scrambles to find a cleaner source of energy, improving efficiency of green energy technology has become a serious issue. This highlighted concern will allow us to participate in various clean energy and clean-tech exclusive business plan competitions to fund additional product testing and development.

bruker nano surfaces business plan

Market The solar panel industry is worth 3 billion dollars with an annual growth of The market has increased public support for green energy has led to tax incentives and grants to encourage investments in solar power. Industry performance is dependent on the volume and price of solar generation, which is driven by overall electricity consumption.

This eco- friendly process can minimize the cost and labor in maintaining solar panels and increase efficiency for the consumer, thereby adding value for the customer while advancing technological progression of renewable energy.

Management The managing partners are five students in the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship in the Bauer school of business at the University of Houston. The inventor of the technology is Dr. Randall lee, director of the chemistry department at the University of Houston.

This business concept development is being overseen by the faculty at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. Vecense is currently developing a mentor and advisor network of industry experts in marketing, business development and the solar panel industry.Thanks to Enviro Specialty Chemicals (ESC), that day is very near.

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my-shield®, ESC’s patented nano technology, eliminates or greatly reduces transdermal absorption. In other words, the company creates topically applied products that are not absorbed through the skin. Our technology is a self-assembling nano film coating that can bind to the surface of any inorganic surface and creates interfacial hydrophobic characteristics.

This coating is only nm thick, which is smaller than a strand of dna.

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DESERTEC was a large-scale project supported by a foundation of the same name and the consortium Dii (Desertec industrial initiative) created in Germany as a limited liability company. Bruker plans to operate Prairie Technologies as a business unit in the Madison, WI area.

The acquisition will fortify Bruker's position in the life science markets. on acceptable tenns, Nano Stone may be forced to modify or abandon its b\.lsiness plan.

bruker nano surfaces business plan

The company has realized operating losses to date and ex11ects to incur losses in the future The company has operated at a loss since inception, and these losses are likely to continue.

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