Automatic meter reading by using rf

References References Amaize, P. A model for the mitigation of energy scarcity for a sustainable market in Africa. Networked remote meter-reading system based on wireless communication technology.

Automatic meter reading by using rf

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Some systems operate with U. The city of Corpus Christi became one of the first cities in the United States to implement citywide Wi-Fiwhich had been free until May 31,mainly to facilitate AMR after a meter reader was attacked by a dog.

This narrow-band signal has much greater range than Wi-Fi, so the number of receivers required for the project are far fewer. Special receiver stations then decode the narrow-band signals and resend the data via Wi-Fi. Most of the automated utility meters installed in the Corpus Christi area are battery powered.

Wi-Fi technology is unsuitable for long-term battery-powered operation. This would be considered a type of fixed network system—the network being the distribution network which the utility has built and maintains to deliver electric power.

Such systems are primarily used for electric meter reading. Some providers have interfaced gas and water meters to feed into a PLC type system. This technology was a spin-off of the automatic telephone line identification system, now known as Caller ID.

Paraskevakos was awarded a U. For this approach, Mr. Paraskevakos and Metretek were awarded multiple patents. In many areas, consumers have demanded that their monthly water bill be based on an actual reading, instead of for example an estimated monthly usage based on just one actual meter reading made every 12 months.

What was once a need for monthly data became a need for daily and even hourly readings of the meters. Consequently, the sales of drive-by and telephone AMR has declined in the US, while sales of fixed networks has increased. As technology has advanced, additional data could then be captured, stored, and transmitted to the main computer, and often the metering devices could be controlled remotely.

This can include events alarms such as tamper, leak detection, low battery, or reverse flow. Many AMR devices can also capture interval data, and log meter events. The logged data can be used to collect or control time of use or rate of use data that can be used for water or energy usage profiling, time of use billing, demand forecasting, demand responserate of flow recording, leak detectionflow monitoring, water and energy conservation enforcement, remote shutoff, etc.

Advanced metering infrastructureor AMI is the new term coined to represent the networking technology of fixed network meter systems that go beyond AMR into remote utility management. The meters in an AMI system are often referred to as smart meterssince they often can use collected data based on programmed logic.

Find The Info You Need For Your Network of AMR RF Devices Basics[ edit ] Power-line communications systems operate by adding a modulated carrier signal to the wiring system. Different types of power-line communications use different frequency bands.
AUTOMATIC METER READING FOR ELECTRICITY USING POWER LINE COMMUNICATION | Open Access Journals We may even have looked at it once or twice to phone an up-to-date reading to the utility company in place of an estimate. Thanks to technology, a quiet revolution is taking place inside this innocuous looking meter.

The resolution, passed in February[5] acknowledged the role of AMI in supporting the implementation of dynamic pricing and the resulting benefits to consumers. The resolution further identified the value of AMI in achieving significant utility operational cost savings in the areas of outage management, revenue protection and asset management.

The resolution also called for AMI business case analysis to identify cost-effective deployment strategies, endorsed timely cost recovery for prudently incurred AMI expenditures and made additional recommendations on rate making and tax treatment of such investments.

Automatic meter reading by using rf

Benefits of advanced metering[ edit ] Advanced metering systems can provide benefits for utilities, retail providers and customers. Benefits will be recognized by the utilities with increased efficiencies, outage detection, tamper notification and reduced labor cost as a result of automating reads, connections and disconnects.

Retail providers will be able to offer new innovative products in addition to customizing packages for their customers.

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In addition, with the meter data being readily available, more flexible billing cycles would be available to their customers instead of following the standard utility read cycles.

With timely usage information available to the customer, benefits will be seen through opportunities to manage their energy consumption and change from one REP to another with actual meter data.Automatic Meter Reading Products and Software to manage your AMR infrustructure.

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With millions of Endpoints installed world wide our Endpoints are proven to be accurate with exceptional battery life. Gloabtel has developed Automatic Meter Reading called "smart metering" can be as simple as a central application that polls the remote utility meter using protocols such as MODBUS, IEC Aug 14,  · Automatic meter reading (AMR) and "Smart Meters" broadcast microwave radiation into the human environment every thirty seconds or so.

Multiple meters . In this case just remove the meter scale and put it on another meter and use an external current pickup. A decade resistance box and your multimeter on the current position in series with a low current supply will allow you to determine the full scale value of the RF Ammeter basic movement.

Therefore, this paper is aimed at the design and implementation of a Radio Frequency (RF) based wireless automatic energy meter reading system.

Automatic meter reading by using rf

This system uses a digital energy meter consisting of current and voltage sensors, analog to digital converters, . be replaced with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment.

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back to a residence or business to re-read the meter. The accuracy gained by using an AMR system can greatly reduce errors, and consequently, reduce the need to re-read it that operates under a low-power radio frequency.

Once the system is operational, Water Services staff just.

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