An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

IDEA A number of arguments have been raised in defense of military policy that bans women from combat roles. Below is an overview of, the pros and cons, the key arguments put forth in support and against the enlisting of women soldiers into combat units.

An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

Articles Share this Post As noted widely throughout the press, Army 1st Lieutenant Ashley White died on 22 October in Kandahar when the joint special operations task force to which she was attached triggered an IED.

In a press release, U. Her efforts highlight both the importance and necessity of women on the battlefield today. In fact, unless U. Forces-Afghanistan USFOR-A had granted an exception specifically for White to be assigned to that particular ground unit, she should not have been there at all.

The rule excluded women from non-combat units or missions if the risks of exposure to direct combat, hostile fire, or capture were equal to or greater than the risk in the combat units they supported. Based on the experiences of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, DoD concluded that everyone in theater was at risk and thus a risk-based policy was no longer appropriate.

Because the modern battlefield in increasingly non-linear and fluid, these policies are nearly impossible to apply, particularly in COIN environments that lack a well-defined forward area, such as Afghanistan. This fact was most recently noted by the March report by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission.

Current plans are consistent with these statements - the third group of CST women is about to begin training, and the tentative plan is to have 25 permanent Army CST teams by Lumpkin noted that "We're coming late to the table, but we've recognized the value of the programand I think this will transcend beyond Afghanistan.

I don't see them going away any time soon. Most people are familiar with the equity-based arguments against combat exclusion policies. Soldiers have served and are currently serving in dangerous roles. Some have been killed and maimed.

These women are on the front lines in very austere locations. The merit of this service would provide women with a greater opportunity for promotion into the senior ranks, specifically general officer levels.

An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

While such equity-based lines of argument obviously have merit, they are usually consumed by the politics of gender and are dismissed before serious debate has time to emerge.

Numerous defense officials have cited the tremendous stress placed upon our all-volunteer force by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

By allowing women to serve in all roles, changes in combat exclusion policies would provide commanders at all levels the much needed flexibility to employ all of his or her resources to achieve operational objectives and reduce stress on the force.

The results of such a trial effort could then be taken into account as we try to find intelligent ways to cut our current force structure and build our future forces.

Some of the important questions to be examined include: Under what conditions and for what missions are they more or less useful? What does this tell us about how to structure and use this resource in the future?

Do commanders believe that they would have more operational flexibility if they were able to place FET and CST members into combat positions?It can be argued that in some cases women are smarter and more clever than men!

In areas of the military not requiring physical strength or stamina, a woman ought to be able to compete on an equal. They were Italian immigrants who were also anarchists and were executed because they murdered people. This increased racism.

The Red Scare is the fear of communism from immigrants and the National Origins Act cuts down on immigrants coming into the US from areas with communism. Jul 25,  · Because this has become more about politics than fielding the most capable fighting force. What do you see as the three biggest risks to letting women serve in the combat arms?

There are a multitude of risks—far more than most people realize, especially those without military experience. The Important Role of Women in Combat Essay; The Important Role of Women in Combat Essay.

Words 14 Pages or is it wrong to exclude them just because they are women?

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I say if a woman chooses this kind of challenge, then she is more than capable. then she is more than capable. During the daring rescue of prisoner of .

Military: Woman and Military Combat Essay; Military: Woman and Military Combat Essay United States is only concerned about women in combat not because they don’t have the physical strength but because they were the ones who needed protection and not men who gave protection since the existence of cavemen.

Being physical capable . Women in Combat essaysThe Idea of women in combat is not unusual anymore. Women should be able to hold combat positions because, although physical strength matters, the military still needs the intelligence that women can bring.

By banning women from combat it also hurts their military careers. A.

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