An analysis of the members who identify themselves as the elohim

Here are some of the key things that they are probably telling you: Mormonism began in when a teen-aged boy in western New York named Joseph Smith was spurred by a Christian revival where he lived to pray to God for guidance as to which church was true. In answer to his prayers he was visited by God the Father and God the Son, two separate beings, who told him to join no church because all the churches at that time were false, and that he, Joseph, would bring forth the true church.

An analysis of the members who identify themselves as the elohim

Faithful LDS that are aware of the undeniable similarities between the LDS Temple Ceremony and the Masonry Rituals usually reconcile that issue by echoing what the early prophets have said.

Essentially the stance is that the Masons originally had the true temple ordinances from the original true church that existed in Old Testament times. These rituals are believed to have been practiced by the members of God's true church in Solomon's Temple.

Some Latter-day Saints feel obliged to hold to the view that Masonry derived from King Solomon's Temple, because it is theologically less complicated to do so than accept the historical roots of Masonry. As one Masonic writer recently noted: With books such as McGavin's Mormonism and Masonry still in circulation, and perpetuation of the tradition of antiquity in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, it is hard to overcome the Latter-day Saint belief that Masonry is derived from King Solomon's Temple.

As long as LDS believe in the origination of Masonic ceremonies with Solomon, resentment of this 'apostate' ceremony will continue on the part of many Mormons. Some change is occurring, as seen in Michael Homer's Dialogue essay, and a February 4, Salt Lake Tribune article which discussed the relationship between the two groups.

Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection (Part 3)

However, Dialogue is not as widely read among Latter-day Saints as other publications…. Many members believe this for two primary reasons. The first reason is that prophets such as Heber C. Kimball said as such as quoted in the first section above.


The second reason is that in the early s it was commonly believed by many Masons, particularly the less educated members, that the origins of Masonry are thousands of years old and came from Solomon's time. What do the Masons say? The knowledgeable current members of Masonry are very convinced that Masonry has its origins much more recently and they are certain that the Mason ceremonies do not date back to Solomon's time around B.

The Mason rituals date at least two thousand years after Solomon. In the last years most Masons now know this but it may have been widely believed in s that they actually descended from Solomon's temple.

Despite claims that Masonry extends back to Solomon's Temple, in fact the rites of Masonry emerged around the thirteenth century. It originated in Britain as a trade guild, though it incorporated symbols dating back to various cults in antiquity. Masonry thus comes from an era that LDS doctrine associates with the great apostasy.

For Mormonism to copy its crowning ordinances from rites that emerged during the dark ages presents a problem. Even more disturbing is that the Masonry rituals that most closely resemble the LDS temple ceremony have their origins much more recently - only the s and nowhere near the thousands of years old that would be from Solomon's time.

Actually Freemasonry was a development of the craft guilds during the construction of the great European cathedrals during the tenth to seventeenth centuries.

I Have Already Opened the First Seal

After the Middle Ages, lodges in Scotland and Great Britain began to accept honorary members and worked out rudimentary ceremonies to distinguish members of trade organizations. In four fraternal lodges, perhaps actual masons' lodges, united as the Grand Lodge of England, considered the beginning of organized Freemasonry or 'speculative Masonry.

Some historians believe that Masons staged the Boston Tea Party. Latter-day Saints may feel that Masonry constitutes a biblical-times source of uncorrupted knowledge from which the temple ceremony could be drawn.

However, historians of Freemasonry generally agree that the trigradal system of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, as practiced in Nauvoo, cannot be traced further back than the eighteenth century.

According to Douglas Knoop and G. Jones, two knowledgeable twentieth-century historians, it is 'highly probable' that the system of Masonry practiced at the organization of the Grand Lodge in London 'did not consist of three distinct degrees.

The earliest speculative phase of Freemasonry may be regarded as beginning about …. Though some symbolism had doubtless crept into Masonry by that date, it would not appear to have reached its full development for another forty or fifty years.

A History of Mormon Temple Worship, pp. They are some of the most active defenders of the LDS Church. They defend the church from what they consider unfair attacks by critics, the media and 'anti-Mormons'.

If you go to FAIR's official site and search for 'Masonry' you will find many articles and quotes that support the fact that the Masonry rituals clearly do not date from Solomon's time.

We know what went on in Solomon's Temple; it's the ritualistic slaughter of animals. Latter-day Saints and Freemasonry" by Greg Kearney fairlds. To listen, go to Link is here. He even jokes that 'anti-Mormons' will use what he said against him.Joseph Smith offered several different accounts of his first vision, one in which it was an 'angel' who communicated with Joseph, another in which it was Christ alone, and the official canonized version, which included both the Father and the Son.

The forum has over members, from widget retailers to manufacturers to designers of widget accessories to organizers of widget trade shows. Some members identify . Mormonism, or the Latter Day Saint movement, teaches that its adherents are either direct descendants of the House of Israel or adopted into it.

As such, Mormons regard Jews as a covenant people of God and hold them in high esteem. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the largest church in Mormonism, is philo-Semitic in its doctrine.

An analysis of the members who identify themselves as the elohim

News of Those Once Affiliated with the Global Church of God. Since the November takeover of the old GCG by the board in the U.S., those once with GCG went to many places.

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An analysis of the members who identify themselves as the elohim

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